What’s on the easel – week 5

What's on the easel?

Once a week I will write a brief update about the paintings I work on. I have stopped using Facebook for many reasons. This website and my free newsletter will be the exclusive news-outlets regards my painting and activities of The Portrait Painting Gallery! So, if you don’t want to miss any news, please subscribe here to my free newsletter!

This week I started a little sketch (1st image) where I combine Italian architecture with the beautiful blue skies and a portrait. The young woman stands at a courtyard, turning her head to the viewer, before moving on. Will she head to the gate at the other side of the yard? The sketch is made in oil on canvas (21 x 24 cm) to be sure whether my composition and choice of colour is right. I'm happy with that so I'll continue to make an oil on linen (Claessens) (approx. 60 x 70 cm). I have just put a first layer of paint with medium over my charcoal drawing. To be continued!

Working on some other paintings to! As working with oil in layers, you have to wait with your next layer before the previous layer is dry enough. Most of the time I have around seven paintings to work on. In between I make some sketches and oildrawings to keep improving my technique and research Old Masters to learn more about the art of painting.

These four painting are all - except one - in a more bright and colourful palette. At the end of the Winter (and pandemic), one is looking for Summer, light and positiveness, which I start to experiment on in those paintings. The last portrait is more against a deep burnt umber background, but for the next few months bright colours!


See you soon in my Gallery!

André Romijn

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