Tadema inspired

Currently working out some ideas, having made some oil sketches on paper. I have always been a huge fan of Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, O.M. RA.  This fellow Dutch painter made his name and fame in Great Britain, from the moment he arrives there (1870) untill his death in 1912. Trained as an academian painter, he became one of the most popular Victorian painters, famous for his depictions of daily life in ancient Rome settings. His usage of colour and light makes most of his paintings a very positive experience to look at! I'm very happy to have a signed etching of one of his works. A print of this etching 'Among the Ruins' is availabe in our webshop!

Playing with ruins, flowers and beauty, I have made some (colour) compositions. Some of them I'll work out to full scale oil paintings!

Have a great week!

André Romijn

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