Online auction “Still waiting” by André Romijn

‘Still waiting’ is the title of this original work of art by the Dutch artist (living in Italy) André Romijn.


This portrait wil be auctioned by CATAWIKI.

This youg lady is waiting, but for what? The end of the pandemic? Waiting for her appointment? Waiting for…? The choice is yours.

The technique used by the artist is based on an age-old technique of oil paint and beeswax (on paper, glued to a wood panel). This technique creates an interesting structure of layers, with a rich texture. The last layer of beeswax gives the painting a seductive, almost matte sheen. It doesn’t has to be varnished.

Painting will be well packaged and shipped with a certificate. Painting is not framed, but can hang without a frame. The surface of the painting is protected with an extra layer of wax.

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