One for sorrow, two for joy

One for sorrow, ... medieval magpies

This painting by Award winning artist André Romijn, was inspired by a visit to San Gimignano in Tuscany. The doorpost of one of the frescoed rooms of the Camera del Podestà in the Palazzo Comunale shows two magpies. In the room other creatures could be find. All decorations were late medieval.

Animal symbolism was widely used to create an air of mystery. The meaning of some symbols is still a matter of study, but in this case it might suppose the two magpies will bring some luck to one who leaves this room.

It could also be related to the nine daughters of Pierus, who defied the Muses in a song contest and having been defeated, were turned into magpies...


  • Acrylic on board, fresco-style painting
  • Size (h w d): 60 x 90 x 2 cm
  • Created 2019

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