National Art Days in The Netherlands

National Art Days (Nationale Kunstdagen)

During the National Art Days (Nationale Kunstdagen) 19 en 20 November 2022, around 125 artists from the Netherlands, and some from Belgium and Germany, will proudly present their art to you. During your visit you can enjoy the great diversity of disciplines, materials used and subjects. When you visit the National Art Days you have the opportunity to get to know the artists themselves.

Award winning artist André Romijn will be present at this Art Fair, which will take place at the Evenementenhal in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. You are very welcome to meet André at his exhibition stand (number 105), where he will have at least 15 works on display!

André Romijn

Portrait painter André Romijn is originally from the Netherlands. He has lived in Ripon, North Yorkshire UK, for over 20 years, but due to BREXIT he moved to Italy and settled in Barga. As a child, André was already interested in art history and has extensively studied it. After a career as a publisher in veterinary publications and educational products, Romijn has been working full-time as a portrait painter since early 2020. In April 2022 André opened the Portrait Painting Gallery in the centre of the old city of Barga in Tuscany. Have a look HERE at his portfolio.


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