Musical opening for Barga Art Gallery

As the COVID health measures will be gradually eased by the Italian government, it is time to celebrate the official opening of The Portrait Painting Gallery in Barga on 12 May at 18:00. Although the doors of the Gallery are open since the 1st of April, visitors still have to wear a face mask. It is expected that the indoor mask mandate will end on April 30th.

Before and at Easter, many visitors all over the world have found their way to this new Art Gallery in Tuscany. The visitor’s book is filling up with great compliments and positive feedback in different languages. It seems that tourists have found their way back again and that life should return to a form of normality, which is not easy with having the terrible situation in Ukraine in mind.

Amazing feedback

Portrait painter André Romijn is very happy about the first weeks of opening his gallery. “Visitors are very enthusiastic and their amazing feedback is very encouraging. During opening times I keep on painting, which is very much appreciated by the public. I like the interaction with the audience, especially the exchange of technical information and talking about art history with other artists. You can imagine that some interesting conversations develop from time to time. I’m very much looking forward to this summer!”

A number of activities

The 'Portrait Painting Gallery’ specialises in portraits and figurative art from the 17th century onwards, with the emphasis on the oil and cold wax paintings of André Romijn. In addition, a number of activities will be organized in the gallery, such as lectures, music performances, courses, workshops and other activities, with the aim of creating a multi-cultural meeting point for like-minded people!

Official inauguration

You are very welcome to join the official inauguration, which will take place at Thursday 12th May at 18:00, where the Mayor of Barga, Caterina Campani, will do the honours of cutting the ribbon. As there is a piano in the Gallery, the opening will be enlightened with a lively performance by the professional musicians Marika van der Meer (Soprano), Bruno Caproni (Baritone) and Julian Evans (Pianist).

Romijn: “It’s an honour to have those artists, who have performed in many theatres and concert halls all over the world, at the official opening of The Portrait Painting Gallery. I’m sure that every visitor who comes to Barga with some cultural interest will agree!”

Entrance to the Gallery is free, for more information about location and opening times, look HERE!

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