International Contemporary Art exhibition ROMANTICA 2021


  • 23/04/2021
  • 02/05/2021
  • 12:00 PM
  • 12:00 PM



  • FREE

International Contemporary Art Exhibition organised by M.A.D.S. a contemporary art gallery, located in Milan, Italy. Set up with screens, aimed to create a continuous multimedia exhibition with the use of new video system projection technologies. M.A.D.S. created the first fully and permanent digital multimedia gallery for artists, revolutionizing the process of presentation of the artworks, which results into the increasing of the visual quality of the details, their three-dimensionality and materiality through high definition and augmented reality.

The International Contemporary Exhibition “GAIA” takes place  from 23 April, 2021 and will last until 2 May 2021. Artist all over the world are participating into this event, including André Romijn with two of his recent artworks.

Opening Hours: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri from 11 am to 2 pm

For meeting out of schedule and due to COVID regulation, please contact: +39 3482854357

Recensione artworks André Romijn

M.A.D.S Art Gallery houses, during “Romantica – shape of my art” exhibition, two female portraits made by André Romijn, its loyal artist. According to the theme of the exhibition, André has created “La Fioraia” and “Reading a Book'', both of them with a woman on the foreground, with different elements that recall to mind a Romantic atmosphere.

La Fioraia'' – as the title lets imagine – refers to the lady’s job that, together with her soft features, assumes a noble behaviour. The way in which André creates his subject confers to the piece a real essence and the woman herself assumes vitality. She stares at the viewer with a seductive and almost sad gaze that gives value to the whole scene. The gesture to hold the bunch of peonies closed to her breasts alludes to the lady’s fear to lose romanticism and love, as if the flowers could assure her. Self-confidence is instead the sensation that transpires by watching the girl portrayed in

Reading a book”. By watching this painting, we can travel with our imagination and enter in an autumn afternoon in the English countryside where a young lady is immersed in her novel. The gesture that she makes with her right hand, lightly touching her red hair shows the artist’s ability in catching the exact moment, just as Impressionists artists’ characteristics. Not a defined background but some solid and compact brushes create the natural landscape in which the young girl is immersed. The long braids and the light blue dress confer to the lady a pure and elegant essence, that give birth to new sentimentalism.

With these two paintings André approaches Romanticism in different ways that correspond to the subjects’ maturity and experiences. A passionate and almost sensual romanticism is what transpires from the first painting, while the second one represents a moment; the moment in which absorbed in her activity, the lady is able to feel her emotions letting her guide by them.

Martina Stagi

Art Curator

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