International Contemporary Art exhibition LOVE MY BODY 2021


  • 19/02/2021
  • 28/02/2024
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International Contemporary Art Exhibition organised by M.A.D.S. a contemporary art gallery, located in Milan, Italy. Set up with screens, aimed to create a continuous multimedia exhibition with the use of new video system projection technologies. M.A.D.S. created the first fully and permanent digital multimedia gallery for artists, revolutionizing the process of presentation of the artworks, which results into the increasing of the visual quality of the details, their three-dimensionality and materiality through high definition and augmented reality.

The International Contemporary Exhibition “LOVE MY BODY” takes place  from February 19, 2021 and will last until February 28, 2021. Artist all over the world are participating into this event, including André Romijn with three artworks.


With I LOVE MY BODY exhibition André Romijn exhibits, for the second time in M.A.D.S. Art Gallery three of his portraits. This time, concerning the theme of the exhibition we can see three women, the subject of the artist’s inspiration, in a sensual but natural behavior. This effect is given also by the technique that the artist uses to compose his works: oil and cold wax that gave a rich texture. Beside building up in layers, the viewer discovers all sorts of effects like graffiti and partly scraped off paint in the background. A final layer of cold wax gives the painting a seductive nearly matt sheen.

“Window To The Soul” is the only portrait here presented on an extreme close-up that recalls the previous paintings shown in the gallery.

This first painting presents a pale woman whose bright face is emphasized by the light that seems to come from the right of the painting, in opposition with the left part that hides, with its darker colours, the woman’s hairstyle. Sensual is the effect given by the iced gaze of the subject that transmits a feeling of self-esteem and solidity while watching the painting. The red lips, usually known as the symbol of the women’s pure are matched with the hair of the lady as to highlight the nobility and the attention that she shows in the care of her appearance.

In a less cold attitude is depicted the woman in “Second Thoughts' '. Compared with Romijn’s previous exhibited paintings, here the attention is not focused on her face but on the act of adjusting the shoulder strap of her white dress. This particularly gesture of the lady gives to the whole painting a sensation of movement that can be easily visible throughout the free hair strands. In this work, the colours have also fundamental role.  Three colours only compose the painting: the gold; the black and the white with their hues and, each one gives a sensual feeling that clearly defines the feminine figure.

More sophisticated in her appearance is “Undine” the ginger hair woman that gives the title of this painting. In the way of painting and in the choice of subjects and elements that animate the scene, André recalls to mind the impressionist artist Claude Monet. Here, in fact the subject of the main character of the painting is not only the feminine figure but, of great importance assume the natural elements too: water and the water lily. The effect of the mirror given by the reflection of this mythical creature in the dark surface of pond, lets us imagine that we are looking at a self-confident person. The artist’s will to use the same colour (white) to depict the water lily and the woman’s skin lends to the image a deep meaning: women have to be treated with care and attention just as flowers because, only a simple word said in a wrong tone, can dishearten them.

Martina Stagi

Art Curator

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