Charcoal Sanding Technique

Charcoal sanding technique on BFK Rives printmaking paper

In Spring 2023 I created two works using a charcoal sanding technique on BFK Rives printmaking paper. The result is very nice as the different tones come out very softly. But to get there is a labour of love. After drawing you sand the charcoal into the paper and then draw again, sand again, draw again etc.

It is also a dusty job and therefore I'll keep it to those two works, which is a 'Portrait of Alice Joyce' and the other titled as 'Waiting'. The latter is a early 20th Century portrait of a wife of a Dutch fisherman, standing on a dyke, looking over the sea, waiting for her husband and his crew for a safe return to the harbour.

André Romijn, May 2023

Unique handmade frames

Both are set in unique handmade frames and as standard in our Gallery, this is framed with special anti-reflective and virtually invisible glass (up to 70% UV protection).

A Certificate of Authentication will be provided after your purchase!

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