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Still waiting auction andre romijn

Online auction “Sill waiting” by André Romijn

‘Still waiting’ is the title of this original work of art by the Dutch artist (living in Italy) André Romijn.   This portrait wil be auctioned by CATAWIKI. This youg lady is waiting, but for what? The end of the pandemic? Waiting for her appointment? Waiting for…? The choice is yours. The technique used by the artist is based on an age-old technique of oil paint and beeswax (on paper, glued to a wood panel). This technique creates an interesting […]

Africa painting

Introduction artwork show case André Romijn

This video shows a sample of figurative artist André Romijn’s original artwork as featured on this website.

Beatrice Dante pianting by Andre Romijn

Could you imagine Dante without Beatrice?

Beatrice, the principal inspiration for Dante Alighieri This is an original artwork by André Romijn. Portrait in oil and cold wax of Beatrice, the principal inspiration for Dante Alighieri. The ‘father’ of the Italian language, Dante Alighieri was born in Florence in 1265. His most famous poem, ‘The Divine Comedy’, is one of the greatest works of world literature. His vision about the afterlife was an inspiration to the art world for centuries to go. Dante died and was buried […]