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Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani: On the brink of success

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Barga Art Gallery

Barga Portrait Painting Art Gallery

From April onwards The Portrait Painting Gallery in Barga, Tuscany, Italy will open her...
Art music barga

A special evening of Art & Music at Ristorante Alfonso in Barga

Art & Music in Barga Testo italiano vedi sotto Wednesday 8 December is the...
Barga Art Gallery

André Romijn will open a new art gallery in Barga

Exciting news for Barga, as local artist André Romijn will open a new Art...
Italian award for André Romijn

Italian award for André Romijn

Italian award for artist André Romijn ART NOW , an Palermo based Italian Art...
Still waiting auction andre romijn

Online auction “Still waiting” by André Romijn

‘Still waiting’ is the title of this original work of art by the Dutch...
Africa painting

Showcase André Romijn

This video shows a sample of figurative artist André Romijn’s original artwork as featured...
Beatrice Dante pianting by Andre Romijn

Could you imagine Dante without Beatrice?

Beatrice, the principal inspiration for Dante Alighieri This is an original artwork by André...