Beatrice Portinari after Gustav Klimt, a gilded ode to eternal love

'Beatrice Portinari', an exquisite creation by the celebrated artist Gustav Klimt

In the hallowed halls of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (Austria), a masterpiece of profound emotional resonance graces an arch above a regal staircase. 'Beatrice Portinari', an exquisite creation by the celebrated artist Gustav Klimt, stands as a testament to both his mastery and the enduring power of artistic expression.

Klimt's 'Beatrice Portinari' emerges from the fertile grounds of his own artistic philosophy, blending symbolism, allegory, and the exquisite craftsmanship of his Golden Phase. The work's monumental scale and remarkable intricacy are instantly arresting, drawing viewers into a realm where earthly and ethereal desires intertwine.

Divine love

The subject of the piece, Beatrice Portinari, was an inspiration drawn from Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy', where she personified divine love. Klimt's rendition, however, extends beyond the confines of literature. The portrayal of Beatrice as an enchanting woman dressed in resplendent robes bathed in gold leaf evokes an otherworldly aura. Her gaze, at once distant and penetrating, captivates the viewer and prompts reflection on the nature of longing and adoration.

Klimt's signature style is palpably present in every inch of the composition. His elaborate patterns and ornamental flourishes, reminiscent of Byzantine mosaics, envelop Beatrice in a shroud of timeless elegance. The artist's adoration for geometric forms and swirling embellishments is unmistakable, as they envelop the figure like a tapestry of emotions woven into gold. The tactile quality of the gold leaf, so meticulously applied, adds a tactile dimension to the work, inviting the audience to reach out and feel the warmth of devotion radiating from the surface.

A threshold between reality and the world of dreams

The placement of  'Beatrice Portinari' above the arch of the museum's staircase enhances its impact. As visitors ascend or descend the stairs, the artwork gazes upon them, its luminous presence serving as a silent reminder of the eternal themes it embodies. The arch becomes a threshold between reality and the world of dreams, as if inviting those who pass beneath it to become part of the ongoing narrative of love, aspiration, and human connection.

Klimt's 'Beatrice Portinari' encapsulates the artist's penchant for blending the sensual with the spiritual, the earthly with the divine. It stands as a shimmering portal through which the past and present converge, encapsulating the timeless essence of love and admiration. As viewers stand before this golden tribute to eternal longing, they are not merely beholding a painting, but rather, entering into a profound meditation on the eternal dance between mortals and the sublime.

Bespoke frame

Presenting a lithograph of utmost rarity, a limited edition of a mere 200 copies, we have curated an exquisite accompaniment in the form of a meticulously handcrafted frame. This bespoke frame adorned with metalwork that echoes Klimt's distinct style, is an homage to Klimt's own artisanship and mirrors the intricate artistry inherent in his work.

Embracing our commitment to elevating art to its fullest glory, this piece is embraced by glass that transcends the ordinary. An anti-reflective marvel, the glass not only offers an unobstructed view but also boasts virtual invisibility. Beyond aesthetics, it serves as a guardian against the ravages of time, providing unparalleled protection, shielding the lithograph from up to 70% of the damaging effects of UV rays.

Timeless treasures

In this harmonious fusion of artistic tributes and cutting-edge preservation, the lithograph not only stands as a collector's gem but also a testament to the meticulous care and appreciation we hold for the timeless treasures that grace our gallery's walls.


  • Size (h w d): 70 x 50 cm
  • Medium: Lithograph
  • Framed Size (h w d): 76 x 56 x 4.5 cm
  • Numbered by hand
  • Dry stamp TREC Edizioni Pregiate
  • Limited edition of 200 pieces, this is number #19/200

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