Baigneuse, after Henri Patrice Dillon

Baigneuse, after Henri Patrice Dillon

This is an excellent lithograph, that replicates the original artwork created by the French artist Henri Patrice Dillon.

The title 'Baigneuse' translates to 'Bather'in English, in this case a female figure bathing in a little stream somewhere in the forest. This theme was a common one in art, particularly during the 19th and early 20th centuries, when artists often depicted scenes of leisure and relaxation. Bathers, mainly female, were a popular subject for artists, often portrayed in various states of undress, celebrating the beauty of the human form.

This lithograph was printed on a specific type of laid paper with a deep orange colour.

Overall, 'Baigneuse', after Henri Patrice Dillon, is a lithograph print that serves as a reproduction of an original artwork, showcasing the beauty and skill of the artist while offering art enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to appreciate and own a piece of this artistic legacy.


  • Size (h w d): 29 x 19.5 cm

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