Artists of Today and Tomorrow

The third edition of the contemporary art catalogue "Artists of Today and Tomorrow"

Artists of Today and Tomorrow III (a terza edizione del catalogo di arte contemporanea "Artisti di Oggi e di Domani") is the 3rd edition of the contemporary art catalogue curated by Monica Ferrarini, edited by Gangemi Editore. This prestigious art catalogue was launched on 3 December at il Circolo Ufficiali delle Forze Armate d'Italia in Rome, by a panel chaired by the Honourable Erica Battaglia, president of the culture commission of the municipality of Rome. Award winning artist André Romijn was one of the 52 carefully curated artists, featuring two of his works and a bilingual art critic (see below) by Monica Ferrarini.


Passionate about art history, André Romijn is a self-taught portrait artist who's inspired by the great masters of the past and famous portrait artists of the 19th Century, such as Antonio Mancini, John Singer Sargent, Sir Lawrence, J.W. Waterhouse. André explores the complex feminine universe in its fascinating and intriguing side: his women shine with an austere beauty that shuns from contemporary dictats and are far from any erotic allusion. They seem suspended in an enigmatic condition that enhances their feminine grace. Their sensuality is expressed through the intensity of the gaze, and doesn't present an ostentatious eros, but it's evoked through the composure of the posture, where the mind and body are part of one emotional and psychological whole.

These portraits are a mirror of the soul, and have a depth that goes beyond the trait, rendering pure beauty that envelops sentiment. That of the artist is an intimate stare at the feminine world, highlighting the depth of the spirit, emphasizing the introspective side.

Romijn's women are an answer to the most vulgar and contemporary mediatic objectification of the woman with grace and kindness, strength and intelligente, determination and manners, as from their faces emerge the salient traits of their strong and charismatic temperament. These women are their own masters, who have no need to flaunt.

Monica Ferrarini, Rome December 2022

Avant-garde research that involves masters of international relevance

The third edition of the contemporary art catalogue "Artists of Today and Tomorrow" intends to offer a chance for encounter and confrontation amongst different creative expressions with the aim at focusing the attention on the current contemporary tendencies. An accurate research aiming at selecting Authors who, with their work, testify to the state of the art closer to us, popping up in the vast international landscape. Hence, a catalogue that renews each year, maintaining its own identity and the constant will to present and celebrate the experiences and the more representative personalities of the current artistic languages.

The volume is based on an avant-garde research that involves masters of international relevance, elaborating on a cultural dialogue focused on an expressive language which, on one hand, owns the classical techniques, and on the other hand the most contemporary and experimental ones. Works rich in aesthetic, conceptual and formal values that push us to open up to new imaginative territories. Observing, studying, letting ourselves get involved in contemporary art is not a disengaged activity. but it widens our imaginative abilities and helps us connect more to reality. It's a chance to shine a spotlight on the most significant aspects of today's production, proposing a well-thought overall picture that contributes to a stimulating reflection.

Monica Ferrarini

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