Artist Talk Magazine meets André Romijn

Artist Talk Magazine meets André Romijn

Artist Talk Magazine is an online and printed magazine, focussing to showcase artists. As a new member of Artist Talk Magazine, Award winning artist André Romijn was given an interview.


"Art and history has always played an important part of my live. More as an observer than really make art. I have started from time to time, but never had the patience or time to make a proper painting. I started very young to make photos and was already interested in portraiture. Also my art collection, which has been expanding over the years, contains a lot of portraits.

Just before the COVID pandemic, I made the decision to spend more time for the arts and start to draw and paint. When I discovered the techniques of the 19th Century Academies, I was able to grasp the ‘secrets’ about portraiture and figurative art. Nothing to do with waiting for a divine touch, but just basic geometry. Since then I practice every day, which during the COVID time I could do without any distractions! Hours and many more hours have past and I think my work is improving. But not there yet!"

How would you describe your work to someone seeing it for the first time?
"That depends on what they see. It is only recently that I have found my ‘own’ style. Before that it was a mixture of technique, compositions and style of mainly old masters. But overall it is realism, with a touch of romanticism and symbolism. But normally I don’t have to describe my work when people see it for the first time. They speak for themselves."

What and which artists have influenced your work?
"I think it is a culmination of all those years visiting museums, historic houses and galleries. And of course reading books about art history. As a child I was collecting books and currently I have a large library with thousands of art, art history and history as a subject. Great for references as every day there is a moment to open a book or two.  So, from all those encounters and experiences, there is always something you will take on-board."

If you could collaborate with any artist past or present, who would you select and why?
"Difficult, as there are so many, but Rembrandt is a great contender, but so is van Gogh. Both for their curiosity to try new techniques, thinking out of the box and brave enough to do something new, which was not always the cup of tea of their would be customers. But there are others as well. It would be great to be a day in the studio of the 19th Century Italian painter Antonio Mancini."

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
"Still exploring techniques, blending of abstract and realism, it is a journey of great discoveries!"

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