André Romijn

Passionate about art history, André Romijn is a self-taught portrait painter. Spending most of his career successfully in veterinary publishing and online-education, he has dedicated himself to a life of paint and brushes. Since 2020 he works full time on painting portraits in oil.

André is from The Netherlands where he was born in 1960. He has lived many years in the United Kingdom but as a result of BREXIT he has moved to Barga, a medieval town in the Tuscan mountains of Italy.

His artistic focus is the female portrait. “I love creating aesthetic art. Beautiful art, which is a joy to look at, to create a feeling of happiness. That is what female portraiture does for me and by sharing my works, I do hope it will give the same pleasure to the viewer.”

Inspired by many classic painters, André blends traditional painting techniques with a contemporary twist. André is the creator and author of historical novels and biographies like 'Hidden Harmonies: The secret life of Antonio Vivaldi' and 'Vive Madame La Dauphine'.

This portfolio shows a sample of André’s work, some of them available to purchase from our SHOP