André Romijn

The Portrait Painting Gallery is an online gallery, an initiative of Award winning artist André Romijn, showing portrait and figurative art from the 17th Century onwards.

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A life painted in strokes of creativity

Driven by an unyielding passion for the annals of art history, André Romijn stands as a self-taught virtuoso in the realm of portrait painting. His trajectory, once aligned with the realms of veterinary publishing and online education, underwent a profound transformation. Now, immersed in a world of pigments and canvases, André Romijn is synonymous with a life painted in strokes of creativity. Since 2020, his days are dedicated entirely to the art of crafting portraits and figurative masterpieces, all brought to life with the tactile brilliance of oil.

Hailing from the Netherlands, André Romijn's artistic odyssey was initiated in the year 1960. The echoes of his journey resonated for years in the United Kingdom before the tides of BREXIT redefined his path. The romantic allure of Barga, a medieval gem nestled amidst the Tuscan mountains of Italy, now cradles his inspirations and aspirations.

Shrouded in an aura of mystery

Centering his craft on the profound realms of portrait and figurative art, André is an advocate for aesthetic delight. With every brushstroke, he creates visual symphonies that exude joy and captivate the soul. Among the myriad of subjects he engages with, female portraits are his quintessential muse. For André, women are embodiments of life's enigma, delicate yet potent creators who weave the tapestry of existence. Their strength, shrouded in an aura of mystery, serves as the cornerstone of his artistic narratives.

In an art world often marked by conventional norms, André Romijn's canvas stands as a realm of equality and empowerment. He captures women not as docile objects but as formidable forces. It is the unyielding gaze of his subjects that strips away the façade of gender disparity. Through André's eyes, women emerge not just as subjects, but as reflections of the soul, evoking connections that traverse the boundaries of paint and canvas.

André's eclectic influences span across the ages, embracing both classic and contemporary artistic pioneers. With an alchemist's touch, he blends the venerable techniques of academic painting with a modern twist. Oil, his chosen medium, becomes an extension of his vision. It grants life to his realistic portraits and figurative marvels, a harmonious symphony of colour and form.

The scale of André's oeuvre is as diverse as his influences. From the intimate caress of small studies measuring 10 x 15 cm to grandeur captured in expanses of 1.2 x 1.5 meters, each creation tells a story. Each brushstroke unveils a facet of his artistic identity.

A mirror reflecting myriad emotions

In the grand tapestry of André Romijn's life, art isn't just creation—it's a transformative journey. With a profound dialogue between his subjects and his soul, his canvas becomes a mirror reflecting myriad emotions. Every stroke, every hue is an invitation to explore the labyrinthine corridors of the human experience. And as André Romijn unites mediums and messages, he embarks on an endless quest to unveil the heart of artistic expression.

In 2020 Romijn was awarded for his painting ‘Elvira’ with ‘Artista dell’Anno – Creatività, Palermo Artexpo’. Works of André has been exhibited at Milan, Vienna, Venice, Palermo, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and in The Netherlands.

His artwork finds its way to the walls of art collectors from USA, UK and Europe. Romijn is featured in the third edition of ‘Artisti di Oggi e di Domani’ and ‘Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2023'; (Annual of Artist of The Netherlands 2023’).

Inspired by many classic painters, André blends traditional painting techniques with a contemporary twist. Read more in this interview with Atist Talk Magazine!

André is also the creator and author of historical novels and biographies like 'Hidden Harmonies: The secret life of Antonio Vivaldi' and 'Vive Madame La Dauphine'.

This portfolio shows a sample of André’s work, some of them and other works are available to purchase.