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This art gallery of portrait paintings and figurative art has an exquisite and astonishing collection of award-winner artist André Romijn's paintings. You can buy it from our gallery, but also online. We have an outstanding collection and single pieces of art from different artists as well. Take a glimpse through our portfolio and find the art piece you like!

You can find these kinds of portraits among figurative art from other artists, in the Portrait Painting Gallery in Barga, Tuscany


From 7th April onwards the Portrait Painting Gallery welcomes you with a special exposition 'There’s no place like home - Dutch Domesticity around 1900'. Eight impressive photogravures of the Dutch artist Jozef Israëls and seven selected works by Ferdinand Schmutzer will be the core of this exposition, which gives you a glimp of daily scenes in the houses of families in Volendam and elsewhere in the Netherlands, more than hundred years ago.

Art Courses and drawing/painting workshops in Barga

An introduction to how you can learn to draw and paint like the Italian Painters of the Renaissance and Baroque era.

André Romijn

Portrait painter André Romijn is originally from the Netherlands. He has lived in Ripon, North Yorkshire UK, for over 20 years, but due to BREXIT he moved to Italy and settled in Barga. As a child, André was already interested in art history and has extensively studied it. After a career as a publisher in veterinary publications and educational products, Romijn has been working full-time as a portrait painter since early 2020. In April 2022 André opened the Portrait Painting Gallery in the centre of the old city of Barga in Tuscany.

His artistic focus is the portrait and figurative painting. “I love to create aesthetic art. Paintings that you enjoy looking at and that make you happy. That is what female portraits in particular do for me and I hope that other people experience that in same way. Click HERE to see some of my works!"

Romijn is inspired by the old masters, but also by 19th century painters such as John Singer Sargent, Antonio Mancini, J.W. Waterhouse and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema to name a few. André blends traditional academic painting techniques with a contemporary twist. He works mainly with oil, sometimes mixed with cold wax, pastel pencils, creating realistic portraits and figurative art. The dimensions of his work vary from small studies (10 x 15 cm) to larger pieces like 1.2 x 1.5 meter. At the beginning of 2020, he received an Award, Artista dell'Anno – Creatività, Palermo Artexpo 2020, for his portrait of Elvira. Some of his work has also been selected for the prestigious XIV Florence Biennale, which will take place from 14 untill 22 October 2023, Fortezza da Basso in Florence (Italy).

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You will find The Portrait Painting Gallery at Via Borgo 28, 55051 Barga LU.

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